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Australian awards

short stories

Biding Time

1st prize Tunarama Eyre Writers 1999
Commended Eastwood/Hills FAW 1999

Sweet Siren Voice of Death

1st Prize Sutherland FAW 2003
Shortlisted Shoalhaven Circle of Excellence 2000


1st Prize North Arm Cove FAW 2007
Highly Commended Eastwood/Hills FAW 2000
Highly Commended Eaglehawk Dahlia 2003

Xiao’s Patch

1st Prize FAWNSW City Short Story of the Year 2002
2nd Prize Mornington Peninsula Prize 2002
Highly Commended Shoalhaven Lyrebird 2002
Commended Tom Howard Short Story Award 2004
Shortlisted Shoalhaven Circle of Excellence 2003
Finalist Hal Porter Short Story Competition 2005

The Problem With Gilbert

1st  Prize Shoalhaven Lyrebird (FAW) 2003
Commended Far North Coast FAW 2003

How To Bake A Plum Pie

1st Prize  FAW NSW (City) Short Story of the Year 2004
Highly Commended Australiasian Short Story Awards 2004
Commended Tom Howard Short Story Competition 2004
Commended Ballarat Southern Cross Award 2004
Shortlisted Glen Eira 2003

The Precious Jewel

1st prize John Kelly Award 2004


1st Prize Gladstone Writers 2005
Highly Commended Port Stephens Literary Award 2005
Highly Commended Hastings FAW 2005
Commended FAW NSW Short Story of the Year 2004

The Fires of Hell

1st Prize Wimmera Regional Library Award 2005
Highly Commended Port Stephens Literary Award 2005

A Matter of Trust

1st Prize Manly FAW 2005
1st Prize Dennis Butler Awards 2005

Once More With Feeling

1st Prize Marjorie Barnard Award 2005

Variations on a Finger Bowl

1st Prize Stroud Writers 2007
1st Prize Manly FAW 2007

Maddie’s Choice

1st Prize FAWVic National Literary Awards 2007
Highly Commended CJ Dennis Literary Awards 2008

In Flames

1st Prize Henry Lawson Gulgong 2008

The Venus Diaries 

1st Prize CJ Dennis Literary Awards 2008
Honorable Mention Hadow/Stuart Short Story 2008

Quirk & Peccadillo

1st Prize Eastwood/Hills FAW Short Story Award 2009

Shortlisted Raspberry & Vine 2009

The Facts About Jordan

1st Prize EJ Brady Short Short Story 2009

A Touch of the Gypsy

1st Prize Rolf Boldrewood Short Story Award 2010

Commended Eastwood/Hills FAW Short Story Award 2009

The Dangers of Swimming

1st Prize Banjo Paterson Award for Prose 2010

Just A Job

1st Prize Albury City Short Story Award 2010

Highly Commended Eastwood/Hills FAW Short Story Award 2009

Shortlisted Alan Marshall Short Story Award 2009

Waterlily Song

1st Prize Peter Cowan Short Story Award

A Mullet By Any Other Name

1st Prize FAW North Shore Short Story Competition 2010

Clean as a Whistle

1st Prize Henry Lawson Grenfell Award 2012

Commended Mona Brand Short Story Award 2009

The Far Shore

2nd Prize Shoalhaven Literary Award 2009

Abandon Ship

2nd prize FreeXpresSion Magazine 1999


2nd prize Eastwood/Hills FAW 1999


2nd Prize North Arm Cove FAW 2007
Highly Commended Hastings FAW 2005
Highly Commended Far South Coast FAW 2002
Commended Moocooboola FAW 1999
Commended E.J. Brady Short Story Competition 2000
Commended Glen Eira Literary Awards 2001
Commended Mona Brand Award 2001
Commended Shoalhaven FAW 2003
Commended Far North Coast FAW 2005
Shortlisted Shoalhaven Circle of Excellence 2000

More Than Words

2nd Prize Far South Coast FAW 2002
Highly Commended Far North Coast FAW 2001
Commended FreeXpresSion Magazine 2000
Shortlisted Port Macquarie/Hastings FAW 2000

The Last and the First

2nd Prize Sydney Queen of Crime 2000  
Shortlisted Hastings FAW 2000

Simply Simon

2nd Prize Henry Lawson (Grenfell) 2001
Highly Commended Auswrite Spring Competition 2000
Commended Shoalhaven FAW Lyrebird 2000

The View From Here

2nd Prize Far North Coast FAW 2003
Commended Henry Lawson (Grenfell) Arts 2003
Shortlisted Shoalhaven Circle of Excellence 2003


2nd Prize Macarthur FAW 2003


2nd Prize Far North Coast  2005
Highly Commended  Manly FAW  2005

The Shadow That Dogs Her

2nd Prize Slippery When Wet 2007


2nd Prize Macarthur FAW Literary Awards 2007
3rd Prize  Port Stephens Literary Awards 2007
Finalist EJ Brady Short Story 2007

The One Tree

2nd Prize Eastwood/Hills FAW 2008

Big Miriam, Little Miriam

2nd Prize Common Thread Long Short Story Competition 2010

Shortlisted Southern Cross Ballarat Writers 2009

Mouse In, Mouse Out

Highly Commended Henry Lawson Grenfell 2008
Commended Macarthur FAW Literary Awards 2007

The Broom Cupboard Rebellion

2nd Prize Port Macquarie FAW Literary Awards 2011

Shortlisted  Raspberry & Vine 2008

The Second Wife

3rd Prize Sunshine Writers Lit Awards 2003
Highly Commended Eastwood/Hills FAW 2001
Highly Commended Auswrite Spring Competition 2001
Commended Henry Lawson (Grenfell) Arts 2001
Worthy Mention Far North Coast FAW 2002
Shortlisted Macarthur FAW2003

When My Mother Dies

Most Highly Commended Port Stephens Literary Award 2005
Commended  Eastern Regional Libraries Award 2005


Most Highly Commended Port Stephens Literary Award 2011

Building the Fort

3rd Prize Port Stephens Literary Award 2011

Highly Commended Henry Lawson Grenfell Awards 2012

The Confession

Highly Commended Eastwood/Hills FAW 2001
Commended Far North Coast FAW 2003

Pride of the Easter Show

Highly Commended  Henry Lawson (Gulgong) 2006

The Raw Prawn

Highly Commended Henry Lawson (Grenfell) Awards 2007
Finalist Slippery When Wet 2007

The Burden of Flesh

Highly Commended Henry Lawson (Grenfell) Awards 2007

Play It Again

Highly Commended Far North Coast FAW 2007
Shortlisted Hawkesbury Writers 2008
Shortlisted FAWNS Short Story 2008

Easily Mistaken

Highly Commended Macarthur FAW Literary Awards 2007

My Hands

Highly Commended FAWNS Super Short Story 2009

Crumbs of Wisdom from Beverley Ovens-Batter

Highly Commended Rolf Boldrewood Award 2009

Commended FAWQ Literary Awards 2009

The Mariachi Twin

Highly Commended Mornington Peninsula Prize 2011

Commended  Bondi Writers 2009

Commended Rolf Boldrewood Short Story Award 2011


Highly Commended Margaret River Short Story Awards 2012

Her Quiet Company

Highly Commended Mudgee Writers 2012

Commended Eyre Writers Short Story Award 2011

Like Mother

Highly Commended Elyne Mitchell Rural Women's Writing Award 2012

Delia’s Time

Commended Albury City Short Story 2008


Sing With Me, Peg

Shortlisted Rural Women’s Writing Award 2008

Frida’s Organ

Shortlisted Glen Eira Awards 2002
Commended Henry Lawson (Grenfell) Arts 2002
Worthy Mention Far North Coast FAW 2002
Commended Far South Coast FAW 2002
Shortlisted Macarthur FAW 2003

Salt and Pepper

Finalist Writespot Spring 2003
Commended Tom Howard Short Story Competition 2004

The Cyberstalker

Commended Tuggerah FAW 2004

Admit One

Commended Manly FAW 2007
Shortlisted Raspberry & Vine 2008

Her Quiet Company

Commended Eyre Writers 2011

A Night on the Tiles

Worthy Mention Far North Coast FAW 2007

The Damaged Soul

Finalist WriteSpot Autumn 2004

Naked Without A Hanky

Finalist Slippery When Wet 2007

The Weather Watch

Finalist WriteSpot Autumn Competition 2000



The Problem Weed

1st Prize Henry Lawson (Grenfell) Award for Humorous Poetry 2007

The Watches of the Night

3rd Prize Hastings FAW 2005
Commended Summerland FAW 2005

Full Moon Night

Highly Commended Yellow Moon 2004

What’s For Dinner, Love?

Highly Commended Macarthur FAW Literary Comp 2006
Highly Commended Henry Lawson (Gulgong) Awards 2007

The Gumboot Poet

Highly Commended Mornington Peninsula Prize 2008



A Load of Old Bullocky

3rd Prize Hastings FAW 2005

The Enemy Within

Highly Commended Manly FAW 2007

Commended Port Macquarie/Hastings FAW 2006

The Negev

Commended Eastwood/Hills FAW 2000



The Storyteller

1st Prize Hastings FAW  2005

The Girls at 48

2nd Prize Eastwood/Hills FAW 2009

All In the Imagination

Highly Commended FAWNS Memoir 2009

Senora Fawlty di Cortona

Worthy of Mention Wyong Writers Memoir Competition 2009

Common as Muck

2nd Prize Port Macquarie/Hastings FAW Memoir Awards 2009