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Once More With Feeling

A collection of award-winning stories by Jacqueline Winn

Published by Ginninderra Press


These award-winning short stories by Jacqueline Winn will have you laughing, crying and simply wondering at the extraordinary lives of ordinary people.

Meet the hilarious Irene, who murders her husband with a toilet plunger, and the tragic Xiao, whose only home is a bare stretch of city pavement. Experience the joyful release of Simon the henpecked husband and the chilling entrapment of the teenage girl bound by the sinister loyalties of a cult.Enjoy the tender romance of shy Donald and be touched by the lifelong grief of the mother who loses a child.

Once More With Feeling will take you on a journey of the imagination that celebrates the wonderful diversity of human life and cannot help but leave you looking at the world through different eyes.

RRP $24 - postage and packaging of $4 will be charged to ship anywhere in Australia

Salt & Pepper

The second collection of award-winning short stories by Jacqueline Winn

Published by Ginninderra Press

cover of salt and pepper

Jacqueline Winn's second anthology is another rich assortment of short stories guarranteed to amuse one moment and touch your heart the next.

Enter the lives of the fishing couple on the jetty in The Raw Prawn, the daughter of a Vietnem veteran in In Flames and the alchoholic woman who forgets her knickers in Gracie. Experience the publishing scam of The Venus Diaries and the chilling fate of a murder witness in The Last and The First. Cry with the goose lady in Necessary Betrayal and laugh with the eccentric sisters selling their goats in Salt & Pepper.

All of these stories have won literary awards in Australia, New Zealand, Britain or Ireland and have been published in anthologies and literary magazines all over the world. This is a collection sure to leave a lasting impression.

RRP $24 - postage and packaging of $4 will be charged to ship anywhere in Australia


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Dangers of Swimming
Quirk & Peccadillo
Touch of the Gypsy
Once More With Feeling
Grumpy Old Bastards



published short stories

Building the Fort

Henry Lawson Grenfell Awards Anthology, 2012

Clean As A Whistle

Henry Lawson Grenfell Awards Anthology, 2012

Once More With Feeling

Global Short Story UK Website, 2011

Stay Till Spring

Flash Stories UK Website, 2011

Mouse In, Mouse Out

Global Short Story UK Website, 2011

Big Miriam, Little Miriam

Common Thread Anthology, 2010

Sing With Me Peg

First Writer Magazine UK, 2010

Scribbles Anthology, 2010

Quirk & Peccadillo

Award Winning Australian Writing 2010, Melbourne Books 2010


Southerly Magazine, Issue 114, 2008

A Night on The Tiles

Momaya Press Review UK/US, 2008

Maddie's Choice

The Envelope Please... FAWVic Winning Writers, 2008

Aesthetica Annual Anthology (UK) 2012

In Flames

Award Winning Australian Writing 2009, Melbourne Books, 2009

The Last and the First

Sydney Partners in Crime Anthology, 2000


Wordsmith Anthology, 2000

Abandon Ship

FreeXpresSion Journal,2000

Revenge of the Ice Queen

Sydney Partners in Crime Anthology, 2001

The Second Wife

Sunshine Writers Anthology, 2003

Once More with Feeling

Writers Voice Magazine, 2005

My Hands

Leaf Books UK anthology 2009 Message in the Bottle and Other Stories


Waterlily Song

Award Winning Australian Bush Verse and Stories 2012


Margaret River Short Story Award Anthology, 2012

A Touch of the Gypsy

Recorded for Brighton COW UK, 2011

The Dangers of Swimming

Central West Times Newspaper, 2010

Aesthetica Annual Anthology (UK) 2011

Award Winning Australian Writing 2011, Melbourne Books 2011

Global Short Story UK Website 2011

Just a Job

Albury City Short Story Award Website, 2010

A Mullet By Any Other Name

FAW North Shore Website, 2010



Salt & Pepper

Fish Annual Anthology Grandmother, Girl, Wolf, 2006

Nothing Happens

Biscuit Publishing UK website, 2007

The Problem with Bears - anthology of winning stories from Biscuit Publishing, 2009

The Raw Prawn

Slippery when Wet Anthology,2007

The Shadow That Dogs Her

Slippery when Wet Anthology, 2007

Naked Without a Hanky

Slippery when Wet Anthology, 2007

The Burden of Flesh

Grenfell Henry Lawson Anthology, 2007

First Writer Magazine UK, 2008

Sweet Siren Voice of Death

Writers Voice Magazine, 2003

Ill Met by Moonlight

Ginninderra Press Anthology The Lover,the Lunatic and the Liar, 2004

The Confession

Can a Lyrebird Fly Anthology, 2004




published poetry

Full Moon Night

Yellow Moon 2004. Recorded on CD by Paul Winn July 2004

Living Stones

Yellow Moon 2004

The Problem Weed

Henry Lawson Grenfell Anthology 2007